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Project design based on funding and local conditions

Based on years of experience and with many successful projects across all continents, EN-Projects guarantees the knowledge and experience for a successful realisation of a projects’ aims. This begins in the design phase, during which all conditions for implementation are defined.

EN-Projects understand the additional demands of healthcare projects on design. From the optimisation of hospital logistics, to the local availability of medical gas and the individual sterile requirements of spaces, EN-Projects’ knowledge as a turnkey provider integrates the necessary concepts from the design phase onwards, resulting in seamless and efficient implementation of highly functional healthcare facilities.

Having worked around the world, EN-Projects understands the importance of local considerations in design and works closely with local partners and clients to realise a facility which fully meets its objectives. Aside from physical design, EN-Projects is also your partner for economic design. From funding timescales, to communication with relevant institutes, EN-Projects provides an all-encompassing and personal approach to design and implementation.